Power Through Dirt and Grime

Preserve your curb appeal in Fairfax, VA with pressure washing services

If your home or facility in the Fairfax, VA area is being swallowed up by ugly mold and mildew, your curb appeal could be suffering. Trust the Rojhalex Enterpriser LLC team to make your siding, windows and stone surfaces shine with pressure washing services. We're trained to tackle even the toughest mold, mildew and algae without damaging delicate surfaces.

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Does your driveway need a pressure washing?

Don't forget that your driveway plays a key role in your curb appeal. When you need to get rid of stubborn oil stains, dirt buildup or discoloration, turn to Rojhalex Enterpriser for driveway pressure washing services.

We'll help you by:

  • Removing mold and slick algae that could cause people to trip and fall.
  • Eradicating caked-on dirt that could obscure holes and cause injury.
  • Impressing visitors and neighbors with spotless curb appeal.
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